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Sample Application

Step 1: 
Click "Open An Online Trading Account" under "Open Account" or "Open An Account" on the welcome page of our website:

 You will see the first page of the application as follow:

  *Select your language by clicking the world map on the up-right of the page, and adjust the font size by clicking the "A"s right below the map.(Note:English alphabets only when filling the blanks.

Step 2: Create Account(1-2 minutes)

           a. Follow onscreen instructions and fill in the blanks. After verifying, click “continue”. Note: you must write down your user name and password and keep them in a safe place – the password will not be displayed again. 


         b. The system will automatically send an email to your email address with a Confirmation Number.  Check your email and enter Confirmation Number in the applicable box (in green), and select a Customer Type.


          c. Print this page and keep a record of your Username and Account Number assigned.  If you cannot finish the rest of your application at this time, you can login through “Login/Finish an Application”.



Step 3: Application Information (10-20 Minutes)

        a. To ensure proper fund and account transfer, type and verify that your name is exactly the same on your bank /broker statement.

b. Fill in your employer details and provide source and percentages of your other sources of income.

  c. Filling out Form W-9 and provide your Taxpayer Identification Number.


  d. Provide information about your affiliation with a Broker-Dealer, SRO, Exchange, or public;y traded company.


          e. Provide financial information and investment experience. 

  f. More on investment experience.

         g. Review accuracy of your information. 





   Step 4 : Fund Your Account(1-5 Minutes)

         a. Select and provide details of your account funding options.




Step 5: Review

        a. Review application status, configuration, and funding options.


b. Upload any required documents such as Corporation documents.



 Step 6: 

        a. Choose and set paid subscriptions.         



    b.  Select permission for Country trading.


Step 7: 

        a. Review and accept Risk Disclosure as applicable per Country.




b. Review and accept Agreements and Disclosures.


 c. Choose option whether to use Online Security Card in addition to password.

d.     Print Online Security Card


    e.      Activate Online Security Card

Step 8: 

    a. Review any outstanding items and your Account Review is Pending.

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