Cancel/Modify Order Fees

        Many exchanges charge fees to their members for orders that are cancelled or modified, and KW charges certain related fees to its customers to help cover these exchange fees. Please note however, that the Modify/Cancel fees listed below may not be a direct "pass-through" of exchange fees in all cases as KW has created cancellation policy based on ease of implementation and proper resource allocation.

Stock Orders

Option Orders


After the first withdrawal (of any kind) in a month, KW will charge the following withdrawal fees for any subsequent withdrawal:



Due to third-party fees to IB, we will pass on a portion of these fees. After the first deposit (of any kind) in a month, IB will charge the following deposit fees for any subsequent deposits.

Exercise and Assignment Fees

IRA Accounts

    Effective 10/01/2010, IRA customers will be responsible for the $7.50 quarterly fee charged by our trustee. This fee will be taken out at the end of each quarter. For new accounts, the fee will be applied beginning the first full quarter after the account has been funded.

Trade Bust/Adjustments

                If an exchange or other market center charges Interactive Brokers a trade bust, trade cancel fee or trade adjust fee because of an order placed by a KW customer, or because of a customer bust or adjust request, the customer is fully responsible for the fee and the fee will be deducted from the customer's account.

                In addition to fees charged by exchanges (and in cases where exchanges do not charge a fee), KW will charge the following fees for requests to have trades busted:
      • $50 for the first bust request in a calendar month.
      • $100 per incident for subsequent bust requests in the same calendar month.

Other Fees