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Build your own Investment Firm, Real-Estate Fund, Private Equity Fund & Hedge Fund

Key West provides comprehensive B2B brokerage services to allied firms. Its services range from customized front-end quote systems and trading platforms to back-office account management and brokerage clearing services.

 We offer the following services:
* Low ticket charges.
* The opportunity to partner with Key West Investments as an office of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJ).
* Privatization of trading system labels based on an allied partner's needs.
* Multiple trading platforms to assist allied partners in developing client bases.
* Comprehensive back-office support, account management, new account assessment and asset consolidation.
* Full-time legal and compliance support staff to assist in legal and financial regulatory matters.

Full-time marketing and business development personnel for advertising and promotional consultation.

We also offers investment firms complete operations support. Instead of undergoing the potentially arduous process of registering as a broker-dealer, firms can team with us as an office of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJ). As an OSJ of Key West, the investment firm can focus its resources on serving its clients, while Key West takes care of the rest.