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 Brokerage Services                      

oday's investors, faced with increasing opportunities and challenges to build and protect their wealth, are turning to investment advisors for financial guidance. Now More than ever, the benefits and rewards of investment asset management are recognized as crucial to maintain-ing and developing long-term client relationships.    


 Investment Advisory    
egistered Financial Advisers (FAs) will provide customized investment suggestions for each client with their professional vision and sincere attitude.   

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Build Your Own Investment Firms        

ey West provides 
comprehensive B2B brokerage services to allied firms. Its services range from customized front-end quote systems and trading platforms to back-office account management and brokerage clearing services. Small and medium-sized investment firms can easily offer stock trading by integrating our brokerage technologies into an existing trading system.


Manage Your Wealth            

ey West offers a complete line of flexible, investment programs so you and your financial advisor can design portfolios that meet your needs.